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About Us


Since 1999, Aquafil USA has been offering the North American market premium carpet fibers and synthetic polymers for the residential, commercial and automotive sectors. Serving as the U.S. headquarters of parent company the Aquafil Group, Aquafil USA has a global reach allowing its hand in multiple industries.

Combining innovation and sustainability with style, Aquafil USA addresses the high demands of its customers and the ever-changing market. As consumers change their way of thinking, we are prepared to change our methods of production in order to deliver the highest quality product that our customers have come to know and love.

Our commitment to quality, sustainability and exceptional customer service is unprecedented. We strive to have a diverse portfolio which instills determination and pride in all Aquafil USA employees. The investment in our human resources is a testament to how much we believe in the development and performance of our products. With such a broad range of capabilities and an understanding of how our customers do business, we are able to create a unique customer experience for every occasion.

Synthetic Fibers & BCF Yarns

Aquafil USA synthetic fibers provide a dynamic range of carpet fibers. These fiber products offer an unprecedented color range and extensive selection of yarn deniers and lusters. We use 500 SKU’s, 360 colors, and state of the art Nylon 6 fiber technology.